Winter 2016 Issue

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President's Message

By Susan J. Waller, MD, FAPA
PSV President

Susan Waller MD
Susan Waller, MD, FAPA

BE OPTIMISTIC. The recent election results took most of us by surprise. Whatever the changes are to come in the political life of the United States, our gains, such as the move to parity coverage for mental health treatments with other medical treatments, must not be lost. Even now, the APA continues to work for passage of mental health reform in the final weeks of the congressional session. Bipartisan legislation promoting evidence-based psychiatric care and research, improved coordination of federal mental health resources, attending to the critical psychiatric workforce shortage, and enforcement of mental health parity passed the House with near unanimous support in July and S. 2680 is ready for consideration by the full Senate. Now more than ever, we need to keep a close eye on health care policy issues and trends and maintain our ability to adjust and participate as actively as possible in shaping the future of mental health policy and practice.  

OUR COMMUNITY MATTERS. In the midst of some political uncertainty, we have each other, including our colleagues in our communities, our state organizations, PSV and MSV, and our national organization, the APA.  Regardless of our individual political affiliations, we share the norms of a selfless community of healers in mental health. Now more than ever, we need to band together to speak up for our patients and our profession to ensure that psychiatry, and indeed, medicine, receives the political attention it requires.

SO STAY INVOLVED. Participate in PSV, MSV and APA as we step into the future together.  Mark your calendars now to participate in White Coats on Call Monday, January 30th.  Stay actively involved in all aspects of organized medicine. Stay abreast of updates by reading our newsletter and frequently visiting our website. Stay up on health care policy by reading a reliable source such as the Kaiser Morning Briefing put out by the Kaiser Health News from the Kaiser Family Foundation. We must not be merely observers, but rather be active participants in the shaping of the future of mental health.


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