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EVMS - Summer Update

By Stefan Mianowski, MD
EVMS Resident

July approaches and the familiar excitement of a new academic year is upon us once again. It has been another great year at EVMS. Our PGY1 residents, who we seemingly just welcomed in yesterday, have worked diligently over the course of the year to become invaluable parts of our psychiatric team. Now they prepare to take on a more senior role in the program as a new wave of interns are set to join us. Chantel Harsch of Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Rajdeep Gill of St. George University, as well as EVMS medical school graduates Alex Pattison and Kelsey Johnson, prepare to begin the next phase of training as resident physicians; we eagerly wait to work alongside these promising new doctors. The current PGY2 class prepares to embark on their outpatient year, looking to gain critical experience in a more longitudinal approach, while the PGY3's in a sense “return home” to EVMS as their fourth year schedules bring them back from their outpatient clinics. Last, but not least, is our PGY4 class, who prepares for the most significant changes. As always, this bittersweet time has us bracing for the graduation of four of our strongest, most senior residents. Amer Khan will brave the cold as he and his family move near Fargo, North Dakota, where Dr. Khan will work with the areas Veterans Affairs hospital. Nikita Desai will also make a move north with her family, as she has taken a position in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Kristin Nelson will venture across the country to the west coast, as she pursues an addiction psychiatry fellowship at UCLA. Finally, John Thurston will be our lone resident to remain somewhat close to home, as he begins in private practice with Tele-mental healthcare in the area. As always, we will miss these fine residents, and after four years with them, we will undoubtedly feel like a special part of our team is missing come July 1. We will keep with us all they have taught us as they go on to spread their expertise.

Some events requiring special attention should also be discussed. Dr. Friedman and Dr. Bui wrote a fascinating review article titled “Psychiatric Formulary Recommendations for Long-duration Spaceflight,” which is currently under review by the Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance Journal. The article includes an extensive literature review, drawing from information of orbital spaceflights, earth-based analogs such as Antarctic bases, as well as their own recommendations to put together a psychiatric formulary ideal for long duration missions to the moon, Mars, and near-Earth asteroids. They also submitted a corresponding poster presentation at the 88th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association in Denver, where it was judged a top 5% finalist for the Space Medicine Association Jeff Myers Young Investigator Award.

In other faculty news, Dr. Petri will add yet another title behind his name, as he assumes the role of clerkship director for MS3 students. Residents who have worked with Dr. Petri know that beyond just his knowledge, his enthusiasm for psychiatry and teaching alike makes him ideal for this role.

While this is but a fraction of what could be discussed, we will conclude there, with emphasis on this theme we face each year: some new faces will arrive, some old faces will return, some faces will change roles, and some faces will depart (at least for a little while) – but all of our EVMS faces will make an impact in the lives of others: here, across the country, and even, perhaps, in outer space.

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