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PSV 2018 Spring Meeting Recap

By Meredith Lee, DO
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences
University of Virginia Health System Charlottesville, Virginia

I want to personally thank all the members in attendance at our annual PSV 2018 Spring Meeting in downtown Richmond on March 9-10, 2018. For those of you who were unable to attend, I will provide a summary of the meeting. We met on Friday evening with many of our exhibitors. We were also joined by a few area legislators, Delegates Matthew James, Betsy Carr and Sam Rasoul. The PSV was honored to have as its keynote speaker, Dr. Dan Carey, who was appointed as Secretary of Health and Human Services this past fall by Governor Ralph Northam. PSV presented Rhonda Thissen, NAMI Executive Director, with a check to support NAMI's great efforts. Dr. John P.D. Shemo was presented with the PSV Lifetime Achievement Award by Dr. Joseph Mason.

On Saturday, March 10, there were five speakers discussing various topics related to the meeting’s theme: "Psychiatry Through the Lifespan". The first lecture was given by Dr. Anita Clayton entitled, "Female Sexual Function and Dysfunction Across the Lifecycle." This informative lecture discussed different sexual disorders in females and how hormonal changes can affect, not only sexual function, but mental wellness throughout the lifespan. The next lecture, entitled "Born to Be Wild or Disruptive Innovators: Youth in Transition and Mental Health Correlates," was presented by Dr. Bela Sood. This very interesting lecture informed the audience on brain development through childhood into adulthood, explaining some of the behaviors we can see in adolescents and young adults. The following lecture, "Gerolescence -The Geriatric Adolescence," was presented by Dr. Steven Rubin. Dr. Rubin showed several photos of trees, making the analogy that memories are leaves that can be lost in patients with dementia. He shared with the audience what he believes are the top ten causes of Alzheimer’s dementia in a very informative and entertaining presentation.

After the three presentations in the morning session, the meeting attendees gathered for lunch. There were several announcements during lunch, including updates by our regional field director for Government Affairs at the APA, Marci Thrash. James Pickral, of Commonwealth Strategy Group, provided a legislative update to the membership, including the recent efforts to maintain a high level of supervision for nurse practitioners who have lobbied for independent practice. We were honored to have the APA’s President, Dr. Anita Everett, join us for lunch and provide an update regarding her efforts at the national level and also present awards to the Virginia residency programs who achieved 100% membership to the APA. Congratulations to UVA, EVMS and Carillion for their efforts!

After lunch, Dr. Ken Brasfield presented on "Psychopharmacology Through the Lifespan". Dr. Brasfield presented prescribing pearls and discussed how physiological changes associated with developmental stage and aging may impact how medications are prescribed. The final lecture was presented by Dr. Keyhill Sheorn. This lecture, entitled, "Psychodynamic Developmental Theories and Stages, and How They May Guide Formulation of Treatment," focused on Erickson’s stages. Dr. Sheorn provided video clips from well-known movies to illustrate each stage, and provided an example one may see in clinical practice.

The meeting was concluded with a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Peter Buckley, Dean of VCU School of Medicine. This lively session allowed audience members to ask questions of the panelists and further expand on the topics heard earlier in the day.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the quality of the presentations and want to express gratitude to our speakers for sharing their time and expertise with our attendees. I also want to thank our exhibitors who were present at this meeting. Please provide feedback and ensure you complete evaluations and claim your CME credit if you haven’t yet done so.

Finally, please save the date for the upcoming PSV 2018 Fall Meeting to be held at the Stonewall Jackson Conference Center in Staunton, Virginia on September 28-29, 2018. The theme of the meeting is "Fighting Stigma in Mental Healthcare" and my goal is to select speakers and topics that are relevant to a wide range of practitioners. I am very excited about this theme and hope to work with the planning committee to bring an exceptional meeting to our members and guests.

PSV Spring Meeting Presentation Summaries

Female Sexual Function and Dysfunction Across the Lifecycle - Anita Clayton, MD, DFAPA
Key Points: Female sexual dysfunctions (FSDs) are common and frequently co-morbid, affecting >10% of US women.  A biopsychosocial model is a key element in assessment of the etiology of FSDs.  Sexual dysfunctions may have no identifiable cause, or may be related to medical/psychiatric conditions; substances, including prescription medications; relationship loss or difficulties; h/o sexual trauma; or religious/sociocultural factors. Use of screening tools may introduce the topic and be helpful in diagnosis.  Management strategies should be directed at the specific sexual dysfunction(s), taking into account reproductive status and patient preferences, and may include modification of causative factor(s), targeted medication, and/or psychotherapy.

Born to be Wild or Disruptive Innovators: Youth in Transition and Mental Health Correlates - A. Bela Sood, MD, MSHA, FAACAP
Key Points:  Adolescent and youth brain development; psychological development of youth in transition; mental health challenges for youth in transition; treatment planning for the youth in transition with mental health challenges who is or is not village born.

Gerolescence-The Geriatric Adolescence - Steven Rubin MD
Gerolescence is a term describing the phase of life between middle and late adulthood. Gerolescence is the geriatric adolescence. When we know someone’s roots, we better understand the whole person. Insight into an aging person’s development years provides clinically significant information. Gerolescence promotes functional aging by incorporating the positive traits, skills and pastimes from youth. Also recognized and accommodated are traumas that may persist into old age. When a person develops dementia and as cognition and behaviors worsen, the individual regresses developmentally.  So too, the characteristics, behaviors and emotions present themselves from adolescence, childhood, and then infancy.

For video and information about the Top Ten Causes of Alzheimer’s, please visit Dr. Rubin’s website:

PSV 2018 Spring Meeting Photo Highlights



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