Summer 2016 Issue
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University of Virginia - Summer Update

By Marie Lyse Turk, MD
PG1 UVA PSV Representative

With the beginning of this summer season, our fourth year residents bid us adieu and depart their beloved institution in the pursuit of a promising career, while ten new interns start their new academic journey. Our department warmly welcomes the first year trainees for the academic year 2016-2017, all with promising talents and dedication: Adam Colbert, MD; Andrea Bennett, MD; Colleen McGavin, MD; Joseph Ipacs, MD; Lauren Solometo, DO; Matthew Vanden Hoek, MD; Roger Xu, MD; Ryan Richards, MD; Yusuf Azim MD and Xavier Ramos MD.

Our residents have shown themselves to be more than capable of being future leaders in the field of psychiatry based on their hard work and their continued efforts to advance academically. Several of our residents have attended the 169th APA Annual Conference in Atlanta, and were the first authors on a total of 19 posters that were presented, 14 of which were presented on the first day of the conference, with the remaining five posters presented later in the regular scientific program. Below are some individual distinctions that we would like to acknowledge.

Our department takes pride in the achievements of its residents who continue to grow. We would like to congratulate Dr. Diana Robinson for winning an APA Leadership Fellowship for the years 2016-2018, as well as an award granted by the UVA Center for Global Health Travel, which provides funding for global mental health travel.

UVA is also proud to announce Dr. Jordan Rosen as the winner of the Gold Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award, which he received for his high commitment and excellency in teaching third year medical students, after being elected by the students among six other nominated residents in various UVA residency programs.

Moving on to other spectacular accomplishments, Dr. Souraya Torbey was a speaker at the Society for Study of Psychiatry and Culture Meeting held in Minnesota, where she discussed mental healthcare in post-conflict countries and highlighted ways of implementing changes in poor resource settings. Her discussion was based on her experience in Guatemala while she was on her Global Health Track elective last year. Dr. Joseph Otonichar, along with Dr. Souraya Torbey, graduated from the Global Health Leadership Track of 2014-2016 with Dr. Souraya Torbey earning a certificate for her outstanding dedication to Global Health service and education.                                      

Our department would also like the acknowledge the achievements of Dr. Diana Robinson, Dr. Daniele Ivanova, Dr. Maria Moreno, Dr. John Azer, Dr. Marie Lyse Turk and Dr. Abhishek Nitturkar, along with Dr. Amy Alson, who published the article entitled ‘Depression In Primary Care Strategies For A Psychiatry-Scare Environment’ in The International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine. Dr. Diana Robinson also published the article ‘Role of Anticonvulsants In Management of Posttraumatic Epilepsy in Front Neurology' along with other excellent coworkers in the UVA Department of Neurology.

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