Summer 2016 Issue
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Virginia Tech Carilion - Summer Update

By Oday Alsarraf, MD, PhD
Virginia Tech Carilion Resident Representative for PSV

These are exciting times at Virginia Tech Carilion Residency! Many residents have left us and six new PG1 residents have joined in addition to one transfer PGY4 resident.

Firstly, we send special farewells to the residents leaving and good luck to them in their future endeavors, as follows: Mohammad Ashfaque, MD – Child Psychiatrist, Texas; Vladimir Brown-Zheltkov, MD – Inpatient Geriatric Unit at Lewis Gale Alleghany Hospital, Low Moor, VA; Rajdip Barman, MD – Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA; Richard Ha, DO – Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship, Virginia Tech Carilion, Roanoke, VA; Sherifia Heron, MD – Locum Tenens, PA; Amit Malik, MD – Department of State Hospitals, Stockton, CA; Siddhartha Maru, MD – Inpatient Psychiatry at Lehigh Valley Hospital, PA; Bhuavaneshwar Pagadala, MD – Department of State Hospitals, Stockton, CA; Shady Shebak, MD – Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI; Tenzing Yangchen, MD – Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY; Jun Yin, MD, PhD – Clinical Faculty at University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX.

We are excited and fortunate to have the new interns who have come from a multicultural background, as follows: Sahar Alee Koloukani, MD completed medical training at Gulian University of Medical Sciences, Rasht, Iran. Her research interests lie in the fields of community psychiatry and ethics. Ilan Kerman, MD, PhD graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. He has an extensive research background and interest in studying depression and anxiety in animal models. Glen Oriaifo, MD completed medical training at the International American University, Vieux Fort, St. Lucia. His research interests are geared toward child and neuropsychiatry. Elham Rahmani, MD graduated from Iran University of Medical Sciences. She has research interests in neuroimaging of psychiatric disorders. She is also interested in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Sami Bawalsa, MD completed an MPH in epidemiology, and has research experience in patient advocacy and crisis counseling. John BuAbbud, MD is an East Tennessee graduate and Eric Trinh, MD graduated from medical school in Pittsburgh. Our new PGY4 resident, Avery Matthews, MD completed medical school at New York University and completed the majority of residency training at Augusta University. Welcome to all our new physicians!

During the graduation ceremony, while wishing some farewell and welcoming others, there was a plethora of awards and accolades handed to deserving residents. We hope to update all the details on our website soon! Special recognition was given to Outstanding Resident, Rajdip Barman, MD; Outstanding Intern, Ralph McKenzie, DO; and Outstanding Resident Teacher, Shady Shebak, MD.

Other good news is that PRITE scores have increased approximately 20% from last year’s average. Our three representatives Richard Ha, DO, Maureen Murphy-Ryan, MD, and Shady Shebak, MD, did an outstanding job at the national Mindgames competition, but unfortunately did not finish in the top ten. That leaves something to strive for next year!

There was one faculty and two residents this year who were elected into the International Gold Humanism Honor Society after achieving the 2016 Arnold P. Gold Foundation Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award. Congratulations to faculty member Thomas Milam, MD and residents Anita Joseph, DO and myself!

Several residents have been elected into several committee positions around the hospital and university that are an excellent opportunity to partake in activities and influence decisions in other fields of medicine and research. Firstly, I am honored to have been elected for the second year in a row to the Graduate Medical Education Council (GMEC). The GME subcommittee representative will be Kathryn Johnson, DO. The Medication Safety Committee representative will be Ralph McKenzie, DO. The Restraint Committee representative will be Aakash Verma, MD. The Ethics Committee representative will be Maureen Murphy-Ryan, MD. The Falls Committee representative will be Avery Matthews, MD. The P & T Committee representative will be Deborah Dilley, MD. The Research Merit Committee representative will be myself. The IRB Committee representative will be Ali Najafian Jazi, MD. The OCPD Prof Wellness Committee representative will be Anita Joseph, DO. Last but not least, the Trust Team Committee representative will be Mason Ayobello, MD.

There are numerous research studies being conducted in the department at the time being and would continue to encourage residents to keep expanding their research interests and to continue aiming for higher impact journals. The most recent updates will be posted on our website soon which is currently under development.

Many thanks to our program director, Anita Kablinger, MD for making our residents dreams come true and being a strong advocate for the residents. We encourage her to continue the outstanding job she has done and the numerous positive transformations the department has experienced since taking this position. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Roanoke for the PSV Fall Meeting in October 2016!

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